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In 1955 Detroit, a group of small-time criminals are hired to steal emerging car technology. When their plan goes horribly wrong, their search for who hired them - and for what ultimate purpose - weaves them through all echelons of the race-torn, rapidly changing city. From Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh and starring Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour, Ray Liotta, Jon Hamm, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin and Amy Seimetz and Julia Fox. streaming on HBO Max July 1.

  • Harshal Khandare
    Harshal Khandare


  • Siliva

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  • Sumit Darshanala
    Sumit Darshanala




  • GW_427

    So happy to see Brenden Fraser back doing movies. Love him in Doom Patrol.

  • Kate Davey
    Kate Davey

    Why are they just shoving this onto HBO Max?

    • Hans Michael Fanunal
      Hans Michael Fanunal

      Because Steven Soderbergh has an HBO max deal to make content for them

  • Ice Jackal
    Ice Jackal

    Ray Liotta is making me remember Tomy Vercetti .. Nostalgia creeping up


    Boom, you're looking for this

  • Jay Vala
    Jay Vala

    Boom boom 🤯💥

  • Aniket Borate
    Aniket Borate


  • maguire productions
    maguire productions

    Boom you looking for this

  • Papa Stalin
    Papa Stalin

    Did anyone else notice the name of the hotel 1:40 is called Hotel Gotham?

  • Emily Hoover
    Emily Hoover

    *THE GIRLS ARE* DATEUS.UNO ISnets: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

    • Belaidi Anass
      Belaidi Anass


  • It's_me_Zoey

    Ara Araa....

  • Aparana Venkatesh
    Aparana Venkatesh

    After long time I'm watching dutch angle shots💥💥💥🔥

  • war machine prequel



    • Pog Champ
      Pog Champ

      Boom Boom by 2wei

  • Tomiwa Aina
    Tomiwa Aina

    This music will alwaye make me think of Sadists dream smp animatic lol

  • mirl iihr
    mirl iihr

    This looks awesome

  • prasanta behera
    prasanta behera

    Sodernberg name is enough for watching.

  • The Geektacular Gabe
    The Geektacular Gabe

    A Cast like this, This film deserves to be into Cinemas.

  • Erik B. Anderson
    Erik B. Anderson

    This won't be winning any awards for Cinematography. Yikes.

  • Cara Jayde
    Cara Jayde

    here for 2wei and 2wei only

  • Housecoat

    The fifth season of Fargo looks so cool.

  • Roxanne

    Good music choice lmao

  • profkaren

    Partially filmed in the city of Hamtramck, Michigan, of which I am mayor!

  • Istana Angin
    Istana Angin

    Wow, I'm disappointed

  • Ritesh Raj
    Ritesh Raj

    Srsly warner bros tryna distract ppl from watching loki LMFAO

  • Cu Cu
    Cu Cu ISnets: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" ISnets: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков

  • Jay Shank 007
    Jay Shank 007

    2 marvel herose in WB movies.. DC,now's ur chance..

  • Jan Ervin Dalanon
    Jan Ervin Dalanon

    Lots of good-looking men i see

  • Alicia Kristina
    Alicia Kristina



    We wanted Fargo season 5. And this is what we've got! So far so good.

  • Ocelotl

    Ray “The Devil In The Flesh” Liotta


    Don Cheadle doing a lot of movie before his retirement from MARVEL

  • Max Private
    Max Private

    Awesome cast.

  • Gdub 2333
    Gdub 2333

    Yeah Brendan Fraser let’s go

  • Jay Quinn
    Jay Quinn

    All-star cast

  • Aditya Rao
    Aditya Rao

    Boom looking for this

  • Anto_morad m.d.l.r
    Anto_morad m.d.l.r


  • Anto_morad m.d.l.r
    Anto_morad m.d.l.r


  • Raina Mermaid
    Raina Mermaid

    I will watch this just to support Brendan Fraser

  • Blip Machine
    Blip Machine

    It's a war machine story.

  • Rx

    Only here for Julia Fox 😍 she's litteraly the baddest actress to ever live

  • Slimon

    This better be a very good movie. With that cast, time period and setting, it better deliver. Not sure how serious it is, though. Lighthearted and entertaining or serious and tense. Any experts on Soderberg?

    • Hans Michael Fanunal
      Hans Michael Fanunal

      Soderbergh has delved into many tones in the past, this seems very much in line with with his Oceans movies. Very witty and fast paced

  • pureTrancer87

    Good cast, Frankie Shaw from Mr.Robot glad to see you again.

  • Uh oh Spaghettio
    Uh oh Spaghettio

    Jschlatt: "My first degree, as the president, of Lmanberg. Tubbo: "You know how we started this together, right? The dream war, then we followed Wilbur and he started Lmanberg. Jschlatt: "The emperor! Wilbur: "Lmanberg my unfinished smyphony! Jschlatt: "Of this great country! Wilbur: "My great unfinished symphony..." Tommy: "Wilbur, surely not. Will- Will?" Jschlatt: "IS TO REVOKE! THE CITIZENSHIP! Quackity: "Yessir!" Jschlatt: "OF WILBUR SOOT, AND TOMMYINNIT!

  • BlisterFilms

    Oooof that’s a whole lot of anamorphic distortion.

  • Durtrandir

    Good to see Fraiser back in some grim comedy/crime drama since The Mummy.

  • Swiffer Duster Kitty & Friends
    Swiffer Duster Kitty & Friends

    Brendan Fraser drives our 1953 Hudson Hornet throughout the movie. How cool is that!? 🎥😺

  • Mr Jaydemo
    Mr Jaydemo

    So is this another timeline where Marvel have crossed over WB, Rodney got sent back in time to look for a Stark lookalike, found Benico who had fallen on hard times gets caught up in some *hit and meets a Culkin?

  • MARC S
    MARC S

    A 2 minute and 30-second trailer, and I still have no idea what this movie is about!!!

    • yellow sparrows
      yellow sparrows


  • Gokul Kuttikod
    Gokul Kuttikod

    Boom, you lookin for this

  • Howl The Hell
    Howl The Hell

    Why is that kid in every movie

  • lando erv
    lando erv

    Don’t like the trailer 👎🏼

  • Elliott Hopkins
    Elliott Hopkins

    I hope this is brilliant.

  • jumoke milton
    jumoke milton

    Breden Fraser back to form.

  • Giray Bey
    Giray Bey

    Jon Hamm is here, great man

  • Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh

    Roman Roy

  • joshfactor1

    dude, seriously, though, you don't need the keys to turn on the radio

  • Cal_Oh

    Whoo! My boy Brendan Fraser!

  • TheRaymanFan

    this is giving me fargo tv show vibes

  • Daniel Mardirosian
    Daniel Mardirosian

    Is it not going to theaters & HBO Max? Thought WB movies were doing both

    • Hans Michael Fanunal
      Hans Michael Fanunal

      Steven Soderbergh has a deal with HBO max, this was always intended as a max original, and they need it

  • Chris Getchell
    Chris Getchell

    Finally a post retirement soderbergh that looks worth watching

  • Amartya Chatterjee
    Amartya Chatterjee

    Umm, Roman Roy is also here, interesting

  • Username

    Boom! you're looking for this?

  • Presley Hesson
    Presley Hesson

    Brendan Fraser?! Haven't seen that man in ages.

  • TheSurvival Roy
    TheSurvival Roy

    Looks like im the first one to make a Dream SMP Mention on Warner Bro's And i have a strong feeling Las Nevadas may became a crime empire like this..

  • Checks Only
    Checks Only

    Jon Hamm always playing a cop. Lol

  • Fatima Jardin
    Fatima Jardin

    2wei's music fits so much! But the dream smp animatics still be playing in my head

    • Tomiwa Aina
      Tomiwa Aina

      @Fatima Jardin yup, tomorrow at dawn. They better have white flags in front of their base!

    • Fatima Jardin
      Fatima Jardin

      @Tomiwa Aina dream SMP community is coming lmao-

    • Tomiwa Aina
      Tomiwa Aina

      Just made a similar comment lol

    • CA Games
      CA Games


  • Scott Ramsden
    Scott Ramsden

    Strong Coen Brothers vibe with this one. I'm in.

  • Catrina742

    The music is the highlight of the trailer

  • Pog Champ
    Pog Champ

    Lets go 2wei

  • Frost Knight
    Frost Knight

    2:19 Boom, boom, boom, boom, you looking for this?

  • Blair Rafe Knox
    Blair Rafe Knox

    when i saw the title i thoguht it was going to be like Bird Box and Quiet Place

  • Brendan Croft
    Brendan Croft


  • ermonnezza74

    the hostage scene is from the friends of eddie coyle


    Now this i like.........

  • Meatfog

    the Coen Brothers knock it out of the park again!

  • Sean Coetzee
    Sean Coetzee

    Trailer looks a little messy,but I'll still check it out. Hopefully it's good.

  • Ritik Thakur
    Ritik Thakur


  • HentaiOni

    That my boy brendan the man?

  • Pofed


  • Antonio J Carrasco Alvarez
    Antonio J Carrasco Alvarez

    Soderbergh. 'Nough said.

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson

    Benicio del Toro is the only reason I'm watching it. :D

  • G Wolf
    G Wolf

    Boom you looking for this

  • Butt face
    Butt face

    Once you see war machine you know this movies good

  • Haziq Javeed
    Haziq Javeed

    Boom you looking for this 😂

  • Film Crew
    Film Crew

    OMG, this looks fantastic, fatalistic and funny!

  • Pyro D Law
    Pyro D Law

    I just hope this is a second wind for Brendan, he hasn't been in any movies for a min, he's fantastic in Doom Patrol but he was going through a lot for some years, i really hope this movie works out for him

  • ShaneBigFella

    Awesome. Looks fantastic

  • KillerTacos

    What a solid cast! Also it's crazy just how.... _different_ Brendan Fraser looks

  • 1029 Abhinandan Shinde
    1029 Abhinandan Shinde

    Peaky blinders are back

  • anthonydrill119

    Bill Duke walking around with a cane looks badass!

  • Senor Pequenos
    Senor Pequenos

    You had me at the cast list, don't be spoiling the whole movie for me now

  • Sam Land
    Sam Land

    Many Saints of Newark, next? (;

  • L CT
    L CT

    Brendan Fraser sighting!!!!

  • Parth Gundraniya
    Parth Gundraniya

    Mr Hamm loves staying in the past era I see

  • Christopher Jay
    Christopher Jay

    Mouse and Dr. Gonzo being eachothers support system for a sober,less psychotic life of crime. Or Che Guevara and Miles Davis turning guerilla warfare into sweet music. Javier Rodriguez and Montel Gordon so upset they didn´t get to share a scene in Traffic,they became gangsters and forced Soderbergh to shoot their latest caper. Seriously,it looks great. Benicio and Soderbergh is a great combo ad Cheadle was brilliant in Traffic. Add Liotta and Fraser and now we´re cooking.

  • yogi yogi
    yogi yogi

    Music is very addictive ♥️♥️♥️